Mental Health

Musicians are emotional

I want to start opening up the conversation of mental health in music. It seems to be ‘normal’ to generalise that musicians, or any form of artist, are overly emotional. I have come to realise that those working or studying in the arts tend to be more emotional because of the pressure we put on ourselves, the pressure from colleagues and teachers, and how we use music to express ourselves.

The more I think about it, the more disturbing it is to look at the state of mental health in music. Take a standard day at college for example, I can’t go a day without seeing someone crying. Sullen faces forcing themselves to practice, for what? Self-gratification? To please our teachers? To try and be perfect? The reality is, we aren’t perfect and we never will be. Most of us will never be top soloists or be able to sustain a career solely performing.

I think its time to change. We need to be as healthy as possible to sustain the physical and mental strains that face us each day. How can we do that? Well I am going to make it my mission to use this blog to share different ways of keeping healthy (I am not perfect by any means), how to manage time more effectively (especially when it comes to practice) and also how to enjoy life a little bit more.

Keep smiling,

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