Making the most out of your lessons.


Whether you have 30 minutes to an hour, you can make the most of each minute in your lesson.

Keeping a practise journal really helps. The journey to my piano lessons is around 1.2 hours, so I write up a summary in my journal on the train home. Not only do I write about the lesson but I set myself goals for the week, and think about what I need to spend most of my time on.

I also keep track of how each practise session goes. Sometimes I have the concentration to work for an hour, others only 10 minute slots. I think it’s important to monitor how you work so that you can figure out the most effective way to practise.
I note down what went well and what didn’t go so well, and then set goals for my next session. Any questions I have I’ll make a note of so that I can work through them with my teacher in the next lesson.

It’s important that your teacher understands what you want to get out of playing piano, whether you’re doing it for fun or want to become a professional, it’s good that you can set goals together that challenge you but aren’t completely out of your reach.

After all, lessons and practise go hand in hand. If you can work well in your lessons then you can be effective in your personal practise.

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